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In Manhattan as Statue of Princess Twilight and Main Six was there. King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer was setting up the corruption bomb as he was happy and was working on it.

King Sombra: Ah my bomb will be ready and I will have this City as my dark Castle.

Sunset: Oh Mr. Sombra it works and I can see it too.

Then Sunset her a sound she didn’t like.

Sunset; Oh o.

King Sombra: Back to the Van Sunset me and Drags need to talk.

Sunset: But Mr. Sombra!

Then King Sombra smack her and point to the van.

King Sombra: GO! No one like a Third Wheel.

Then King Sombra seeing Charles as he smiles to him.

King Sombra: Ah Charles aka Dragon good to see you and I know Scourge couldn’t Kill you.

Charles; You send the chumps after me but they always get been.

Then He saw the Bomb was alarmed and Stop.

King Sombra: Why so jumpy. I Just have it on Standby and this button you have to be worry about.

Then Rainbow Dash, Fireblaze and Wing coming to Aid Charles

Twilight: SONIC GO!

Then Sonic Began to Running Fast as he heading to the area.

Shadow, Sliver heading towards them in a Slow Motion scene and then this happen. Charles, King Sombra teleported into the AU World.

Once they arrive into the AU world as King Sombra getting up and then try to blow the bomb but it didn’t work as he was shock.


Charles; I didn’t do Anything.

Then King Sombra went to Hit Charles but Charles block the punch and then Twist his hoof.

Charles; I don’t think so.

Then he Let go as King Sombra rubbing his arm.

King Sombra; Ok I am going to kill you

Charles: Try it.

Then they went into a fight as Charles kicking King sombra but in the first round and then hit his super on him. Then the second Round King Sombra came back beating Charles.

King Sombra: Why you just DIE!

Then in the third round Charles kick King Sombra but and was the winner. As he grab King Sombra and force him down.

Charles; Keep Quite

Then This Police force came with Queen Twilight Sparkle Symbol as they sound them. Ponies with Swat Uniforms came with guns pointing them.

Lead Pony Guard: HANDS UP!

Charles Began to Rase his hand up and King Sombra smiles.

King Sombra: This is funny

Then Charles use a device as he push the button then a ear pitch noise hit there Com peace as they screaming and going down as they trying block out that noise.

Pony Guards: ARGGGGGGG!

Then Charles drop two smoke bombs on the ground as they began to cover the area King Sombra holding his ears began to run away too and then Charles was gone.


Pony Guard Building

Charles was on the roof tops and looking at them as he was thinking too.

Charles; What world I am in?



Sliver, Wing, Shadow and Sly Copper was on the roof tops.

Sliver; So what world we in?

Shadow: I Have no Ideal

Sly Cooper: We need to find out anyway.

Wing: I think we need to go sperated and get some answers.

Sliver; Right


Sliver in the building as he was looking around.

Sliver: This place got some answers.

Wing: You need to find it.

Sliver: Right.

Then Sliver heard something as he get behind the wall as he see Tails, Erin with Glowing Green, purple eyes as they have Scourge trap with Chains as they Interrogating him.

C. Tails: Were is the Freedom Fighters?

A. Scourge: BITE ME

Then C. Erin use her Dark magic as Scourge Screams.

C. Erin: If you won’t tell us then we will brake you.


C. Tails: We will.

Then Sliver came in and shouts.

Sliver: HAY Erin and Tails STAND DOWN. This is not you?

C. Erin: Sliver What you doing Here?

C. Tails: Something not right here

Then C. Erin use her Dark Magic on Sliver as he scream.

C. Erin: You right this is not our Sliver and this one have a different Engery Singure too.

Then Sliver Brake out with his Physic Powers as he Looking at them.

Sliver; You right I am not your Sliver and you two are WACK!

C. Erin: Then you will be Taken Care OFF!

Then Sliver Fighting C. Erin as they fighting each other, Sliver using his Physic Powers, C. Erin using her Dark Magic then Sliver grab a Missile to blow her up and then hit her with a Physic Blast as she was Knock out.

Sliver: Go Sliver!

Then Round too as Sliver, C. Erin fight again as they keep kicking each other buts and then he blast her with Physic powers.

Sliver: You down and you Next Tails.

Then Sliver walk to Tails

Sliver; So Talk who you working for.

C. Tails: Let talk that you Hurt my Girlfriend and you will be whole mess of trouble!

Then C. Tails Blast Sliver with his Tornado then they began to fight. Sliver Kicking Tails butt and then Blasting him as he was KO.

Sliver; Dam Straight.

Then Round Two C. Tails began to Beating up Sliver as he Went into his Super mode as his Tornado hands turn into a Big Cannon blasting Sliver then keep kicking his but as Sliver came back and last second Sliver use his Power to KO C. Tails.

Sliver; DAM Straight there.

Then Sliver went to Free Scourge and Began to check with him.

Sliver; Ok why they want to hurt you?

Scourge: Well I don’t know but you save my life. But your friends in trouble too.

Then Sliver get a call.

Sliver: Sliver here. *Then he listen to Wing Call* Memphis! Ok I am on my way!


Then Memphis the Dark Fighting Wing, Sly Cooper and Shadow. As they Fighting him. But Memphis was a match as he blast them and going to end them but Sliver Shield came and block the Attack As Sliver came out.

Memphis: Sliver I thought you were in Black and purple like me?

Sliver: You wrong Memphis I Never join you and what is your plan?

Memphis: So you not my Sliver and You will find out!

Sliver: So what is it one earth government is Not enough Memphis?

Memphis: I want more power and I got it form a Friend but you will FIND OUT SLIVER. See I Made a Pack with Someone and you will not find out who I made with. Also your self join mind side too and he will show up later.

Sliver; My counterpart have join the Dark Side. Great.

Memphis: Time for Talk is over!

Then they began to fight each other as they keep blasting each other and then Sliver Blast Memphis in the end of the first round.

Sliver: Just doing My Job.

Then Round To as Sliver keep kicking Memphis but then he use his Super on him as he give him every thing he handle but Memphis blast him hard.

Memphis: FEAR ME

Then Round The Sliver Blast him too.

Sliver: Stand down.

Then Sliver went to Help Wing as She saw Sliver Dark side.

Sliver: You ok Wing?

Wing: Sliver!

Then Sliver looking at his Dark Self. Sliver was In Darkness like Memphis Chrystal Form then he turn normal form too.

Dark Sliver: Well Nice to meet my self.


Dark Sliver: Memphis Taught me Darkness and it more Powerful than Light.

Sliver: WHAT That Not it you idiot.

Dark Sliver: HA

*then he got Sliver in the Darkness Hold as Wing try to help but Dark Sliver Blast Wing. Then Sliver brake out of the Darkness hold and grows. As he send Physic Spears at him but he Created a Darkness Shield to block the attack.

Dark Sliver; You have to try better than that.

Sliver: FIND BY ME!

Then they began to fight as Sliver fighting Dark Sliver then he win round one as he blast Sliver.

Sliver: That Enough!

Round Two as Dark Sliver got the upper hand as he send Sliver into the Train Station as the Train hit Sliver and Dark Sliver own Round two.

Dark Sliver: I Just doing my job.

Round Three as Sliver and Dark Sliver lock in a Weaiger battle

Dark Sliver; YOU GOING TO DIE!


Then they Lock in as Sliver win that one and then he Blast Dark Sliver to the ground.

Sliver: That was good.

Wing: What was that Good?

Shadow: All that Black and Purple don’t look good.

Then they hear a Police Siner

Wing: We need to move.

Then they began to Leaving the area  

Shadow; Are there any Big Guys here?

Sliver: I don’t know

Then they Meet the AU Charles Roberts aka Dragon as they going to fight

Sliver; But we will Find out.

Shadow: Well let see if this guy Friend or Foe.


Back At Equestria Prime

Sonic, Tails trying to find there Friends as Twilight looking on too.

Twilight: Nothing Yet?

Tails: I can’t find the Engery Singure since it didn’t match

Sonic: Then why I can use my Sonic Vibration to match the Engery Singure?

Twilight: We don’t know were they went somewhere Dangers.

Tails: Or anywhere at all. Like Twilight say too Risky

Sonic: Like I wasn’t Fast enough to catch it in the first place.

Twilight: Don’t worry we will find them. We have too.
Part 2 of Two Worlds Pony Amoung Us Rebot
Next Part Charles, King Sombra, Sliver, Wing, Sly Cooper and Shadow went into the AU world were Queen Twilight Sparkle Rule with a Iron Fist
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Got this from :iconskullgal94:

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After five days time,he will delete at least four of your watchers randomly and tag every single person that YOU watch in almost every single post.
Then he will begin to write disturbing letters about Barack Obama with screen-caps from those really weird commercials.
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