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TNA Title History

TNA SUPERHEWIGHT TITLE Holder (Combind of Heat and Impact)

Johnny Pew-Became the Heat Champ before it become the SUperheweight title

Alexander Armington IV

Alexander Armington III

Raymondo- Win his first TWAE Title in a long time and now he prove it that he will become Champ.

Tails Prower- Finally his Boy Hood Dreams becoming the champ

Thor - First time becoming the champ

Steve Smith- Beat Tails and Win the world title

Chase Young- Longest and Raining TNA Champion of all time

Shifty Dingo-Won the TNA Title form Steve Smith

Alexander Armington III Won it as he was the champ for a short time.

Bully Chris Griffin

A-Truth 7 Time TWAE Champion. He was the longest.

Snake Eyes-Cash the TWAE Feast or Fire TWAE World Title Breaface On Doomsday

Doomsday-Short Raine as Champ

Tenchi Masaki Won the title

Dan Hibiki-Cash in the TWAE Heat Money in the Bank contract on Tenchi

Mordecai-Won his first TWAE Title too.

The Joker-Won it with his Stable the Jokers

Shining Armor-The First Equestria Become Champion

Big Mac-The Second Equestrian became Champion

Irwin- Won it too.

Kendrick Quinn

TWAE TV Champions

Kenny Young

David Cash Armington Longest Raining TV Champion

Dipper Pines (Current)

TWAE Tag Team Champions

Reagure Team (Mordecai and Rigby)

The Jokers (Cody Anderson and Negaduck)

American-Candanits Money Makers (Bling Bling Boy and Montana Max)

Michigan Russians (Volk and Zayats)

Japan Most Wanted

Beer Money Inc (Michel Armington and Scott Armington II)

Freelance Police (Nack Weasel and Physco Weasley)

The Simpsons (Bart and Hugo) Longest and Raining Tag Team Champs

TWAE US Champion

Kendrick Quin

TWAE Internaitonal Champion


Tai Lung


Gumball Watterson (Current)

Danny Phantom

Johnny Pew

Bert Raccoon

Braveburn (Became the First Pony win the Title)

TWAE Vixien Champion

Nicole Weasel


Lisa Simpson

Fox (Skunk Fu)

Rainbow Dash


Mabel Pines (Current)

Twilight Sparkle


TWAE X-Divison Title (Give it up)

Steve Smith

Rainbow Dash (First Female Pony win the X-Divison title)

Physco Weasley (Longest Raining Champ)

Dee Jay

Yauta Takenouchi

TWAE King of the Ring Title (Give up on it too)

Danny Phantom

Furball Cat

Calamity Coyotie

Cody Anderson


Kit Cloudkicker

TWAE Nine Bell Champ (Give that up)

Flaco Lombirde
TWAE Tittle Histoty 2001-2015
Champions form Past and Future
1,143 deviations


Dragon222's Profile Picture
Charles Roberts
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Favourite genre of music: RAP and Rock
Skin of choice: brown
Favourite cartoon character: WB Toons, Disney Toons, MGM Toons, HB Toons and Other toons
Personal Quote: dragon rocks

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